ManagInc, founded by industry innovator Doug Miller, today announced the launch of the multifamily industry’s first-ever corporate social responsibility platform. ManagInc guides property management companies in the development of world-class CSR rooted cultures designed to not only give back to the neighborhoods they serve, but also to create work and living environments that inspire associates, residents and prospective renters. 

"Our philosophy is simple but powerful — everyone wins when companies meet the needs of residents, employees and the community-at-large," said Miller, founder and former president of SatisFacts Research. "Our platform helps multifamily owner/operators develop and nurture a culture that creates engaged employees, happy residents and better neighborhoods. Regardless of industry, nearly all the research indicates companies that embrace and invest in CSR reduce employee turnover, increase customer and resident retention and significantly improve financial performance. In fact, a recent Gallup study determined companies with high employee engagement are 44 percent more profitable.”

ManagInc leverages an innovative online audit and planning platform named Everyone Can Win, which sets the stage to assess current CSR performance and identify opportunities for improvement. The company's The Art of Managing for Success philosophy and consultative support system then enables apartment companies to select, implement and manage industry-leading CSR initiatives across the portfolio. ManagInc also provides owner/operators with the opportunity to win its Socially Responsible Management Company Award by demonstrating the company’s commitment to creating outstanding living experiences, facilitating a positive work environment and serving as a responsible corporate citizen. 

"It's critically important the multifamily industry embrace CSR because it matters to consumers more than ever, especially millennials. CSR factors heavily into younger generations’ employment and purchasing decisions, and that is the fastest growing renter segment in the marketplace," Miller continued. "We’re committed to educating the industry that CSR involves more than just charity events and giving back to society. It encompasses how a company treats its residents and employees."

According to the 2015 Cone Communications Millennial CSR Study, 87 percent of millennials say their purchasing decisions are influenced by their perceptions of a company's commitment to CSR. In addition, 63 percent of millennial women and 45 percent of millennial men say their decisions about job offers are impacted by the employer's CSR work, according to the Six-Month Research Update to the 2014 Millennial Impact Report, a study conducted by Achieve, the research arm of Forte Interactive, and sponsored by The Case Foundation. 

ManagInc's leadership team brings a wealth of expertise on the multifamily industry and CSR issues. A more-than-30-year veteran of the multifamily industry, Miller has served as director of marketing for several National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) Top 50 apartment companies. In 1996, he launched his own multifamily marketing consulting firm. Four years later, he founded SatisFacts Research, a resident feedback and retention service provider for more than 300 apartment management companies. Internet Brands, owner of acquired SatisFacts Research in 2012. 

Chief Revenue Officer Joe Summers is recognized as one of the multifamily industry's most accomplished consultative sales professionals. Prior to joining ManagInc, he served as a sales management executive with such industry leaders as Zillow, SatisFacts (where he worked with Miller as vice president, East), CallSource and Primedia. 

Joanna Naszlin, ManagInc's director of client support and communication, has worked in the apartment industry for nearly a decade. She recently worked as a training and marketing coordinator for Grace Hill. 

ManagInc's five-member Advisory Board includes Alexandra Jackiw, president of Milhaus Management; Dennis Smillie, president of Multifamily Solutions; Kara Rice, founder, Experiment Learning & Talent Development, LLC, (also a co-founder, no longer with the company, of Grace Hill); Don Canfield, president and owner of LinnellTaylor Marketing; and Steve Gilbert, vice president of marketing and business development at Gates Hudson.