Analysis: Hotel-Inspired Services Increase Apartment Renewals

27 August 2019

Spruce, the comprehensive provider of hotel-inspired services to the multifamily industry, today announced that an internal review of its data shows that apartment residents who actually use hotel-inspired services are significantly more likely to renew than those who don't.

Specifically, residents who purchase at least two hotel-inspired services – such as dog walking or housekeeping – have a renewal rate of 81.4 percent. When apartment renters purchase more than 20 hotel-like services, their renewal rate jumps to nearly 90 percent. Residents who do not try a hotel-inspired service at communities that offered them still have a 68 percent renewal rate, which is above the industry average of just more than 52 percent.

"This data shows the importance of not only offering hotel-inspired services to begin with, but also offering services that residents will actually use," said Ben Johnson, founder and CEO of Spruce. "Because Spruce sends the same providers every time, residents develop an emotional attachment to their dog walkers and housekeepers. The decision to renew becomes one of emotion, rather than purely financial. Residents must now leave behind the service professionals that have become a part of their lifestyle."

Through the Spruce app, residents of Spruce-powered apartment communities can access a comprehensive array of hotel-inspired services, including:

  • Daily chores
  • Housekeeping
  • Pet care (dog walking, pet sitting, etc.)
  • Laundry and dry cleaning

Spruce recently announced the launch of the daily chores service. The program includes more than 15 unique services, such as folding clothes, washing dishes, making the bed, cleaning a single room, decluttering and much more. Chores are priced between $10 and $30.

Spruce is directly involved in the logistics and operations of its local service provider partners. The company mandates that all service professionals who represent the brand undergo background checks, meet insurance requirements, complete comprehensive training, demonstrate scheduling processes and meet high quality control standards.

Every Spruce service provider is also required to wear Spruce-branded uniforms whenever they visit a Spruce-powered community. If residents have any questions or concerns regarding their service, Spruce has a dedicated national customer service team that provides full-time customer support via text, email and phone directly to residents.