09 March 2023

Renowned luxury developer was honored for his commitment to supporting and advocating arts and culture throughout South Florida


Coral Gables, Fla. – Last month, MG Developer CEO, Alirio Torrealba and his wife Dorys Martin Torrealba, were honored at the Coral Gables Museum Annual Gala for their unwavering commitment to promoting art and culture in South Florida.


Presented at the historic Coral Gables Museum, this year’s annual gala themed “A Night of the Zarzuela” recognized the inspiring legacies of two distinguished families from Coral Gables – Ninón L. Rodríguez and Raúl L. Rodríguez from Rodríguez and Quiroga Architects Chartered, as well as Dorys Martin Torrealba and Alirio Torrealba from MG Developer.


“It’s with great pleasure and pride that we award two exemplary couples Ninón L. and Raúl L. Rodríguez from Rodríguez And Quiroga Architects, and Dorys and Alirio Torrealba, from MG Developer,” Elvis Fuentes, Executive Director of the Coral Gables Museum. “Their contributions to the arts in the city go way beyond expectations and for that we are all extremely grateful.”


Both entities are based in Coral Gables; Rodriguez and Quiroga is a professional association dedicated to the practice of architecture, urban design and interior design, while MG Developer is a renowned developer of luxurious boutique-style residential communities. 


“We are beyond grateful for the support we have received from the community, Elvis Fuentes and the entire Board of Directors from the museum,” said Alirio Torrealba, CEO of MG Developer. “Thank you for this award and recognition. Supporting the arts, artists, the community, and this museum is something I have a great passion for. Through all these people that have touched our lives, we are inspired every day. On behalf of my entire family, thank you. We will remain committed to not only supporting arts and culture here in the city and in this incredible institution, but making sure we are elevating it every instance we get.”


As a member of the Coral Gables community, MG Developer has been committed to the beautification of the city and supports its Art in Public Places program, commissioning an original stone sculpture at Balboa Plaza called, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. MG Developer is an advocate of public exhibitions that enhance the city’s unique lifestyle and design and is also a proponent of philanthropic efforts and organizations that elevate the city’s standard of living. 


“Although Alirio’s family settled in this country just a few years ago, they have immersed themselves into the local culture and become involved in a myriad of highly respected philanthropic organizations that advocate for the arts, education, and culture in the City Beautiful, while keeping the dream and legacy of the founder of Coral Gables, George Merrick alive,” added Fuentes.   


The gala included live acts of Spanish and Cuban zarzuelas followed by breathtaking performances by opera stars; Eglise Gutiérrez and Martin Nusspaumer. The gala took place inside the museum’s, Fewell Gallery, amongst artworks by renowned artists, which guests had the opportunity to view while savoring a delectable cuisine prepared by Celebrity Chef, Chris Valdes.


Alirio Torrealba has served on the board of directors for the Coral Gables Museum since 2019. Additionally, he has been instrumental in supporting the city’s culture and arts initiatives to transform the city into the arts’ epicenter of South Florida. He was the first to inaugurate and commission the city’s Art in Public Places program. He has also provided several pop-up spaces for artists to feature their works. 


Since 2015, Alirio has successfully built eight residential communities, all of which are highly regarded by leaders and residents alike. Shortly after he arrived from Venezuela, Alirio was inspired to build in Coral Gables after he fell in love with the city’s beauty and learned about its rich roots, historical heritage, and aesthetic values. Since then, he has been building on tradition and builds luxurious enclaves with modern-day comforts, which George Merrick initially intended and envisioned when he first founded the City of Coral Gables in 1924.