27 September 2022
Arvind Chary and Alex Foster

Experienced developer seeking $100 million equity raise for multi-asset fund targeting multifamily development across the Southeast and Texas


MIAMI, FL- Atlas Real Estate Partners, a private real estate firm with offices in New York and Miami, launched its fourth Opportunity Zone Fund targeting multifamily developments across the Southeast and Texas. The firm, which is taking a long-term view with a 10-year minimum hold period, seeks to raise $100 million in equity from accredited investors. The fund is a unique offering allowing direct investment with an experienced sponsor developing multifamily in high-growth markets.


Opportunity Zone funds are designed to encourage economic growth in under-invested communities by providing material tax benefits to individuals and entities investing qualified capital gains into these dedicated areas. The Opportunity Zone program has been popular with high-net-worth and family office investors since the federal government launched it in 2018.


“We believe our Opportunity Zone Fund is the ideal vehicle to gain exposure to core southeast multifamily which continues to perform well despite the current market volatility,” said Arvind Chary, co-founder of Atlas Real Estate Partners. “By taking a patient, long-term investment approach to development in high growth geographies we are able to continue executing throughout market cycles.”


Atlas Real Estate Partners, which was founded in 2009, has executed more than 50 deals with a combined value of $1.5 billion including 10,000 multifamily units. This latest Opportunity Zone Fund announcement comes on the heels of three successful single-asset opportunity zone funds with total combined capitalization of over $235 million. The first project, a 310-unit multifamily development in Nashville’s Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood, is in its final stages of construction and is set to be completed in October 2022.


“Atlas is excited to continue its long-term approach to real estate investment and development with this fund, while continuing to be active owners and developers of multifamily projects across the Southeast, Texas and Mid-Atlantic,” said Alex Foster, co-founder of Atlas Real Estate Partners. “Opportunity Zone funds are a natural progression from what we have been doing for over 12 years now, and we look forward to continued success in our core markets”




Atlas Real Estate Partners, which was founded in 2009. is a private real estate firm focusing on multifamily residential investment and development. The firm, which has executed more than 50 deals with combined value of $1.5 billion, has offices in New York City and Miami. For more information visit