Trimark Properties Wins 3 City Beautification Awards For Luxury Apartments In Gainesville FL

09 May 2016
Solaria Luxury Apartments Trimark Properties

GAINESVILLE, FL – Trimark Properties, a student housing developer and property management company focused on the niche market for apartments in Gainesville, Florida, won three awards at the Gainesville City Beautification Award Ceremony last week. Including this year’s recognition, Trimark has received over thirty-five City Beautification Awards since the inception of the board. Recipients are selected to, “recognize excellence in a variety of design categories.  The awards highlight projects of outstanding aesthetic and artistic appeal.”  Projects are chosen in various categories including Public Spaces, Institutional Facilities, Gainesville Apartments, Uniquely Gainesville, Outstanding Group, and Environmental Enhancements.

Trimark received two awards for their luxury Gainesville apartments, Solaria II, and Tuscana.  Both of these high-end apartments cater to the niche market looking for apartments near the University of Florida’s Sorority Row. Boast apartment complexes state-of-the-art designs from local architects.  The two apartments capture an old-world European style, but differ from each other slightly as Solaria II has Spanish influences, and Tuscana has a rustic, Italian design. 

The third award attributed to Trimark was the annual Outstanding Individual award, which was presented to John Fleming, the managing partner. While honoring specific projects is the focal point of the beautification awards, this individual honor recognizes members of the City of Gainesville, who have poured decades of hard work into redeveloping and revitalizing the Gainesville community.  John Fleming was honored specifically for his contribution to Gainesville apartment and commercial real estate scene.  Additionally, his innovation and pioneering construction techniques have paved the way for future development.

Fleming commented, “I am humbled and honored by this recognition of Trimark’s achievements and my personal involvement in making the City of Gainesville a better community for my children and the next generation.”