Amy Galvin Named Chief Culture Officer at Luxury Living Chicago Realty

14 December 2021
Luxury Living Chicago Realty (LLCR) announces co-founder Amy Galvin will step into a new role with the company – Chief Culture Officer. Luxury Living Chicago Realty


After 14 years at the helm as Co-Founder and Managing Director of Luxury Living Chicago Realty (LLCR), Amy Galvin announced today she’s stepping into a new role with the company – Chief Culture Officer. 


“The pandemic has taught us all a lot about ourselves,” said Galvin. “Being at home with my daughters every day for a year was a gift, and it awakened me to how much I have devoted myself to growing LLCR and what other parts of my life deserve nurturing. The last 14 years have been some of the best and most exhilarating times of my life! However, as I look forward, I know it’s time for me to do things differently.”


In addition to being a mother, wife, executive and co-founder of LLCR, Galvin is also a certified professional coach and a Certified Fair Play Method Facilitator. In her new role, she will focus on setting culture strategy for LLCR and its more than 50 team members. In a post-pandemic world, Galvin says culture will be the key to the company’s future success. 


“This new role and direction honor my passion for personal and professional development for myself and all of the current and future team members at Luxury Living Chicago Realty,” Galvin said. “It also offers me the opportunity and space to dedicate time to meaningful things outside of LLCR, including raising my family, deepening my marriage, and championing women’s equality.”


Chris Faye, the current Director of Operations, steps into the role of Managing Director. He recently celebrated his fifth anniversary at the brokerage firm and has been a member of the company's leadership team for four years. 


LLCR’s Maggie Levinsohn has also been promoted to People Operations Manager from Experience Manager. Together, she and Galvin form the company’s Culture Operations Department, which supports LLCR’s core values and empowers team members through ensuring they are happy and supported beyond the day-to-day responsibilities of their careers.  


“I believe LLCR has some of its best and brightest days ahead,” said Galvin. “I could not be more excited about all of our futures, and I look forward to building something new for our LLCR family.”